Q.P.R Fans Statement

We the Q.P.R fans wish to respond to the recent allegations in the press that our club is being run by two mercenary crooks and their yapping Italian lapdog by agreeing with you and distancing ourselves from these plonkers.

The recent revelation that it will cost £50 to sit in the away end at Loftus Road has led to a twitter campaign #boycottQPR, we strongly endorse this boycott. We have seen the upper tier of the School End, we know it’s a shithole, we know the view is terrible and we know that watching Patrick Agyemang is not worth £50 (unless you are interested in a comedy evening). We feel that whilst we are stupid enough to be fleeced by our tight fisted owners when it comes to paying through the nose for tickets, you don’t have too. The joys of Sky and streaming mean you can watch the game anyway without a questionable substance dripping on your head from the leaky roof above you.

We the fans are as shocked as you the press at the lack of transfer funds given to our manager. We cannot understand why over the last 3 years our Small and Orange owners have felt the need to part with their money in order to secure the signings of Liam Miller, Gary Borrowdale, Nigel Quashie, Damiano Tommasi and Allesadro Pellicori yet are now stalling once we have reached the promised land of The Premier League and will only allow for free transfers. we also wonder if the owners regret spending millions of pounds on chandeliers to hang in the club offices for no particular reason.

To the compilers of season preview packages, we also can’t understand why we are yet to see a new kit for the season. Surely releasing a new home shirt and charging £40 for it a few months ago would have generated income due to the wave of optimism garnered from our promotion? We agree with you that it’s sodding annoying that the only team in The Premier League that don’t have a new kit yet is Q.P.R.

Fans of other clubs that were excited to see a founding member of the Premier League back in England’s top flight. We were excited too. It’s a shame that we are unrecognizable from the family club that went down in 1996. If it helps, we still hate Chelsea just as much. In fact we hated Chelsea before hating Chelsea was even cool. We can’t promise you that we will be a credit to the Premier League, we can’t promise that our owners won’t make you pay handsomely to sit in the smallest ground in the league, we can’t even promise you that Leon Clarke won’t sully the fine traditions of your club by daring to appear against you. But we can promise you that we the fans will strive to keep the name of Q.P.R clean and out of the press for the wrong reasons.

Finally to the owners that saved our club. I saved a cat once, I don’t walk around kicking it, pissing on it and blowing in it’s ears before reminding it that it wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for me. I leave the cat alone with owners who care about it.

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51 Responses to Q.P.R Fans Statement

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  2. As a QPR fan, I can only support this message, I’ll be one of the fans not wearing new kit, but older and retro shirts to matches, and not giving a penny more to our numpty owners than I need to, ie I’ve paid for my season ticket after years outside the top, I’m not giving up my seat, but I’m not buying any official club merchandise either.
    I’ll be supporting Neil Warnock, as the man deserves respect for what he’s done for us, I’ll be supporting the players, and Neil can only do what he can with the players he’s been allowed to bring in on top of those already here, but I’ll also be supporting protests against the board.
    Because, WE, not the Formula One numpties, but the fans, ARE Q.P.R.

  3. Warren says:

    “Finally to the owners that saved our club. I saved a cat once, I don’t walk around kicking it, pissing on it and blowing in it’s ears before reminding it that it wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for me. I leave the cat alone with owners who care about it.”

    Great stuff!

  4. longtermranger says:

    I cant believe this nonsense is being posted. The current owners did save the R’s, and lets remember we were in Div 1 and didn’t have two pennies to rub together at the time. The owners have done nothing to disrespect the clubs name, they may have made some bad choices in managers and players, but show me a club that hasn’t? They have delivered on the promise of premier league football in less than 5 years, and remember we would all have given our right arms for this five years ago. They have never said they will splash the cash like Roman Abramovich, and even if they did say, spend £50m on Torres, there is no guarantee of success whatsoever. My friends, we are on a slow build here, and yes that might mean another year back in the championship, but this is a hell of a lot better than we had before, and don’t forget there are lot of bigger clubs than us out there doing a lot worse than we are – ask Sheffield Wednesday, or Leeds or West Ham! With regard to the price, we are only mid range in the premier league and our seats and our views are much closer and better than sitting at the back of the stadium at Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool. Come on boys, get real, lets get this club together.

  5. longtermranger says:

    No, just someone who doesn’t agree with you – there are some of us out there on the real world!

  6. Victor says:

    I first went regularly 79-80 season and have been to 70 grounds some a few times over,now 46 thats a lot of seasons a lot of games and a lot of money.I live in dagenham was born and bred east london but liked qpr since 73-74 mancini venners ect since 14 ive crossed london got night buses after getting back to ground 2am from away nite games like bury and stockport leauge cup matches been season tkt holder many times membership holder nearly every season so with the travel across london as well as my amount of games over the last 31 i think i am a good enough supporter to give my opinion. those two can stick it where the sun dont shine because i have a 1 and 6 yr old earn a small wage and feel my 2nd family QPR FC HAVE BEEN TAKEN AWAY FROM ME. LETS CALL IT A SEPERATION PERIOD BUT THAT LOOKS LIKE THATS MY LOT TILL THOSE TWO DUNG BEETLES DEPART AND I HOPE MANY MORE DO THE SAME.

  7. Ted says:

    longtermranger …………….i am long term and these twats in charge are the worse pricks EVER in football management . Honestly you gotta be a plant pal , they dont have Qpr fans feelings at heart at all. and for your information there were 3 other parties interested in saving us at the the time . These shysters just got in quick to make a quick buck, for christ sake look at them man there repulsive slugs with delusions of lost youth. They make me sick with their pathetic statements and excuses of delivering us from liquidation , look it up your see iam right. I for one would rather they packed up sold up and f***ed off back to F1 . Why woulsd you want to run a club where the fans hate you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! show me the logic …………hold on there it is ………….make money and run.

  8. Ted says:

    longterm your a comedian mate ………………

  9. Longtermranger – fair comment, and we’re not here to argue, WE, the fans want QPR to do well, obviously, and we are all glad that the present owners, and let’s not forget Mr Mittal too, have financed a return to the top league in the World. Consequently, we have to see what’s best for the club we’ve supported for years and years, not just the few years the F1 lads have been involved.
    I sincerely doubt that, left to his own devices, Briatore would have helped us to the Premier League, Bhatia, on behalf of Mittal, was instrumental in our return to the Premier Lague. Indeed, if Briatore hadn’t been under the cloud of investigation for his part in a F1 scandal, he would have stayed in charge, rather than take a back seat, we’d have had another 2 or 3 managers at least, and we may be looking at the fourth division this season, or division 2, as it’s now called.
    SO, many thanks to all our owners for getting us up there, and let’s hope we don’t just go straight through a couple of divisions on the way back down.
    What the original poster said about the ‘saving a cat’ goes (though I’ve seen a similar analogy with a ‘dog’), they should help us to develop, not just slag us off and keep reminding us how lucky we are, if it weren’t for them etc etc..
    Let’s get together, as QPR fans, and, I remember an old Ollyism, let’s be QPR United! United we stand, divided we fall, as the old political maxim goes…
    COME ON U Rs!!

  10. Wrinklyhoop says:

    Good blog – made oi larf! First time I’ve ever had a Season Ticket in over 50 years supporting the Hoops – never seemed to need one in the past, but the way Tango and Cash have striped up the fans it had to be done, much as I hated doing it. I dearly hope not, but this could be our one season back in the top flight, so I intend to see as much of it as I can.
    Longterm ranger, take the blinkers off mate (unless of course you are a Gianni plant) – we are in the Prem despite T&C , not because of them, as eny fule no 🙂

  11. J says:

    Support the lads, wear a retro shirt and watch us on Sky.

  12. Gazza says:

    Bernie and Flav are legends..
    They took us to the the promised land, you poor people who cant afford a forty quid ticket, then cry me a river.

  13. Bob Holness off Blockbusters says:

    My only complaint with the original article is the suggestion that the owners used “their money” to sign Borrowdale, Quashie, etc. Surely it’s the club’s money – the owners just increased our level of debt. Of course, if our esteemed benefactors are able to sell the club at a profit at some point, then the bulk of that profit will go to them. If, however, they sell at a loss, then any remaining debts will surely stay with the club long after they’ve done a runner. Much like Mr Wright’s tenure, really, but on a bigger scale…

  14. longtermranger says:

    Thanks hastingssteve – I appreciate your points. My family come from the Bush and we are on to our 4th generation of R’s supporters and no-one would like to see success more than me. But I’ve been trying to work out what is realistic to expect. I’ve looked up some data from the various websites that record this stuff and it is interesting to note that other than Man City, Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool, the annual net spend on players transfer fees over the last 4 years is less than £14m per year and yes, Man United’s net spend is less than £14m over that period. Bearing in mind that we have no-one of value to sell except Taarabt, who is staying, our net spend is going to be whatever we spend on buying. If we bought Peter Crouch and DJ Campbell at their current prices, we would have matched everyone else’s average net spend, bar the 4 above. I do therefore see a case for our owners to spend that much on whoever. However the wages of players becomes a major problem very quickly. If we bought Peter Crouch and paid him £50k per week, a seemingly modest wage in the premier league (!) that would be £2.6m per year for one player. We might be able to get £90m from the premier league, but Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea have revenue streams of over £250m per annum – thats how you afford big names and big squads. Who are amongst the biggest net spenders in recent years? That would be Hull, Middlesborough, West Ham, Burnley, Birmingham and Portsmouth – all now back in the championship. I’m not sure how you do this thing of becoming a sustainable premier league club that might win something, and I would have the same concerns if the Mittal family were in charge. Premier league football is capable of bankrupting even the richest. You can buy Shevchenko or Torres at £30m to £50m and find they’re suddenly useless, we could buy Peter Crouch and he could break his leg in the first match. So I share everyone’s frustration at the lack of new talent, but this is a minefield we’ve gone into and we need to be careful. Whatever I’ll be there shouting them on against Bolton even if we’re watching the team that got us promoted plus Jay Boothroyd and Keiran Dyer (if he’s fit!).

  15. jdee says:


  16. Rangermouse says:

    You do not speak for all of us. I have had a season ticket since 1976. I find your assumption that all fans agree with your ill- informed opinions much more offensive than our owners.

  17. Johnboy says:

    I gave up my season ticket when we were first ‘saved’. I’m still go to a fair few games every season but this season i have no plans to line the pockets of this greedy pair. The only reason i can think of for the lack of recent investment is that they plan to sell the club. But it’s like trying to sell a car, who wants to buy a banged up old motor which needs alot of work when you can buy the attractive and mint one? A bit of work and investment would make the product a lot more attractive to potential buyers. This pair in my opinion are a right pair of planks who have no knowledge on football or even business. Their greed is rotting this much loved club away and leaving us loyal fans with very little passion for being in the premiership after 15 long years. If we do manage to stay up this season it will be 100% down to Warnock and the team, not the board.

  18. pid says:

    safc are behind this

  19. Adam Game says:

    I have been a Rangers fan all my life, now 36. I went to Rangers alot last season with my son and was really looking forward to doing the same again this seaon. BUT since all this crap has gone on with no transfer funds, blatent disrespect to club staff and ticket price rises i sadly will not be putting my money into these two w*nkers pockets. I feel bad for not supporting my team but i just refuse to give them cash when they obviously couldnt give the slightest f*ck about me or other fans. I hope Bernie and Flav are reading these messages and taking this all in but sadly i doubt they could give a shit. Well i tell you now you two faggots. I have alot of memories at that club and alot of sentlemental feelings towards it, enough to PUNCH YOU in your faces if and when i ever see you face to face. Thats a promise!!!

  20. bang on ,such a shame that the owners have ruined our return to premiership and winning the championship,i for one will not step foot inside loftus road while these people are in charge,i will go away and wish neil and the team all the best uuurrrrssssssss

  21. Dear Longtermranger , i need to pick you up on something that many people may not have, It is live IN the real world, not on, now the reason that this is so suspicious is my gf happens to make that exact same mistake with her English as it is not her first language (she is latina but spanish and italian is almost identical and they make the same exact mistakes ) so i think who ever called out Giani is actually SPOT ON ! so Gianni, read this carefully … Flavio and Bernie did not save the club as other buyers were known to be interested, they wanted to sell, WE KNOW THAT, so they obviously couldnt give a crap, there is no SPONSER …. why ? becuase they cant take the money with them, it is the clubs, so i propose BERNIE AND FLAV FUCK OFF, TAKE 40 MILLION IN CASH from amit, and accept 30 million worth of advertising for billionaire boys club (FLAVS BUSINESS EVEN THE THOUGH HE ISNT EVEN A BILLIONAIRE, or anywhere near it) and F1 for the MIGIT RAT …. and as for Gianni,just man up, you fucked up bringing them in, do the right thing and show them the door …. COME ON YOU SUPER …………………….. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPSA

  22. longtermranger says:

    Hold your horses boys, it looks like some new potential owners from America are trying to buy the R’s? is this better or worse? What do Americans know about football? Are these guys related to the Glazers? I need a drink………..
    PS I’m not Gianni despite my spelling mistake but I wouldnt mind his job, his salary and his house.

  23. Michael says:

    As a Watford fan I was genuinely sad to lose QPR from the fixture list this season. Not only because our record against you is pretty good in recent years, but more so because I enjoy the trip to Loftus Road. I’d rather watch a game with restricted view in the School End than a corner of some identikit bowl. You’re right though, I wouldn’t pay £50 for that experience. Your club is being screwed, I’m pretty sure most of the established Prem clubs would be really looking forward to coming to Loftus if it wasn’t for such a massive piss take from the owners. Plus, even though it’s incredibly unfashionable to say so, I like your manager. I happen to think he’s pretty good. He probably doesn’t even want tens of millions, just enough to make some improvements. He’s the perfect manager for QPR to get a foothold in that league, but he had more money to spend when he took Sheffield United up. Very strange.

  24. Ken Davies says:

    Kenny D – Everton supporter.
    Well done that man!!
    What an excellent article, well penned & well meant. It is appreciated that you have the bottle to go into print & state your feelings so publicly. I admire you for that. I only hope that some of the “Moaning Bastards” that call themselves Everton supporters, read this to see your unfortunate plight and anger at it.
    As you may be aware, the rest of the premier league are, Everton have been a “Cash Starved” club for many years now. The “so called supporters” constantly bemoan the club and its directors about this situation. They are constantly saying that Mr Kenwright should sell the club to get money flowing into it! Unfortunately, your club, along with the likes of Portsmouth, is a classic example of selling to the highest bidder, without the club’s interest at heart, and the results that brings to the loyal fan base.
    As a sportsman & a fellow football supporter, I feel for your plight, and only hope the situation is curtailed as soon as possible. I genuinely wish you good luck in the Premiership this coming season, and I can assure you, your away fans will receive a very warm welcome from the “True” Everton fans when you come up to Merseyside!
    Once again, Great Article my friend 🙂

    • Pompey_lad says:

      “…Unfortunately, your club, along with the likes of Portsmouth, is a classic example of selling to the highest bidder, without the club’s interest at heart, and the results that brings to the loyal fan base.”

      So true. As a Pompey fan, I’ve endured hell over the past few years, watching our club being kicked from pillar to post by mercenary owners who just wanted the cash and nothing else, leaving the shell of a club behind to foot the bill and the fans asking what the fuck just happened.

      We’ve now got some shameful years behind us, ones that none of us, the fans, ever wanted. If we’d have known in 2008 what would happen to us as a result of ‘Arry getting his way and spanking millions we didn’t have just to win a cup, I think the majority of us would’ve said ‘don’t think it’s worth it, mate.’

      Greed, corruption and the pound signs are all that keeps English football ticking these days. The sport as we knew it from by-gone years has been whored out to Murdoch and his media machine, all in the name of entertainment. That’s why plenty of us Pompey fans were genuinely happy to go back down to the Championship by the end of it all.

      The Prem and its’ promise of glittery lights and big-name attractions virtually destroyed us, and it’s only thanks to some people who came in at the last minute that we’re still here today. Even with our current owners doing all they can to prove they’re here for the long run, we’re still cautious about them.

      Dont let it happen to you.

      Good luck.

  25. deepseahoop says:

    oh get you with yoir own blog to slag off the R’s, why don’t you fuck off to chelscum then if supporting Qpr is so painful. What a cock U R

  26. Old Ranger says:

    As a Rangers fan since i was about 8 or 9 years old I couldn’t agree more with this blog. I’m not a season ticket holder, never have been, but I’ve been to my fair share of games home and away, probably averaging about 10 a season over the last 23 years.
    I’m quite sad to say that at the moment I can’t see myself going in the near future. Not until those two have left the club. They make me feel sick and embarrassed. Sick because they have priced out so many fans who were there in the bad times – embarrassed because we have been promoted as champions, YES Champions and all we have managed is a couple of free transfers and made a big song and dance about Tarabt staying. This is the Premier League we are now in. The richest, possibly best, most famous and most watched league in the world. We have signed Gabbidon – released by a team who were relegated. I wasn’t expecting £20m or even £10m players but surely we have more ambition than that.
    Maybe I’ll change my mind a bit nearer kick off and I’ll come along and line the pockets of our stinking rich owners. Maybe not. I hope I feel like coming but just can’t see it at the moment.

  27. Mat Flusk says:

    More power to you.

    Look forward to hosting you at Goodison for your first awayday of the season.

  28. KenBatesBeard says:

    F**k me I could have wrote a very similar piece about ken bates. As a leeds utd fan I feel your pain.

  29. Phil Burrows says:

    I agree I have been to the away end at QPR and is not worth £50 yeah its no where near the worst but to pay that amount of money I would like a little more from an away end. I sat in the upper school end once back in 2006 and payed £26 which was a brilliant price and we sold it out in less than 3 days, YOU WILL NOT SELL TICKETS AT THEM PRICES.

    I support Norwich I believe that we have frozen our ticket prices for nest season. People are skipping the QPR away game saying its too much and to the prick who said people ant afford it is a dick! People are not going because they refuse to pay them prices and the few QPR fans I talk to alot via social networks think the same way!

    Just spend a bit of cash you got loads for being champions (£90mill I think) Not all of it has to be spent.. we have spent roughly 10mill and Norwich fans are extremely happy with the current squad,,, but would like a seasoned premier league player…

    • Gueff says:

      Championship winners get no significant cash prize, the £90 million you are quoting is probably the minimum increased cash from getting the Premiership TV money.

  30. Okay people, put your money where your mouth is.

    Wimbledon fans created their own club when the owners moved it and changed its name.

    Manchester United fans created their own club because they got sick of being treated badly by Malcolm Glazer

    Liverpool fans created their own club because of outrageous ticket prices.

    I suggest you get serious and join AFC Wimbledown, FC United of Manchester and AFC Liverpool and form AFC QPR.

  31. Hello Roberttheblogger. Putting this statement up was a good thing to do as it gets people talking about what you care about. When it comes to this type of statement, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Don’t worry about the pedantry wolves that descend when you post, mocking other people’s writing gives them a reason to live. We all need one of those. Those who resort to insults to articulate their feelings are probably just having a bad day or struggling to come to terms with being a woman trapped inside a man’s body.

    I used to love football but those days are gone. Saying that, I did enjoy seeing QPR promoted – I worked with a QPR fan and she was so thrilled to see them promoted. It makes a change to see a different team make the leap to the Premier League. Enjoy the ride and good luck.

  32. Der Blauweissengel says:

    I think I could live with the lack of transfer funds, after all, Warnock’s done pretty well to get the signings he has so far, and we have to assume the wages will be fairly generous, for new signings and current players as well.

    So for that to be the main point of the statement, might be missing the point.

    However where the line really should have been drawn was at the ticket prices. They have doubled for everyone, as far as the average match ticket price is concerned, which is outrageous. The season tickets have gone up around 70% per game as well, which is almost as bad. Only the ludicrous match prices make them look reasonable. It’s needless as well, as any fan will spend just about as much as they can afford on the club. What doesn’t go on tickets will go on merchandise or refreshments. Putting the tickets up just means fewer programmes and pies sold.

    I could understand even this, if the club’s income were decreasing, but that isn’t the case either. The TV money and other premier league related income makes the extra gate receipts seem rather negligible. Really, it’s the media and sponsors who ought to be fleeced to buggery. They’re the ones with extra money to spend; they’re the captive audience; plus they’re the ones who made the game so expensive in the first place and so should be the ones to pay.

    The fans on the other hand are not a captive audience and have limited funds. Thanks to the media, the games are available to watch on TV. Pretty much every game in the premier league is covered by someone, somewhere in the world, and hence is available to watch for free on the internet.

    I could also accept the price hike and lack of squad investment if the money were being channelled into a new stadium. This is something we absolutely have to have, even if we make a quick return to the football league. If we had a capacity of say 35000, we could take the prices right down, make the games very affordable and bring enough fans to fill the ground, and provide more in gate receipts than a capacity crowd at Loftus Road with the current ticket prices. As fond as I am of Loftus Road, 18000 is just not big enough, and as we know, expansion is not an option. We need a new ground. 35000 people paying £25 each, all spending a bit extra on programmes, pies, shirts etc. Would serve us far better than 18000 spending £35-50 each and hardly any having anything left for merchandise. It should be obvious.

    To sum, there are 3 priorities. 1) – make Neil Warnock’s job as easy as possible. 2) – bring in funds from the media and sponsors to avoid fleecing the fans. 3)- get things in motion for a new stadium as soon as possible.

    Our current board don’t seem to be doing any of these presently, or stating longterm intent to work on these things over the coming years. This is our problem.

  33. bristolterrier says:

    As an outsider it is hard not to agree with much of the statement.QPR area proper football club and I have always loved coming to Loftus Rd.I am not a QPR fan but I am a Neil Warnock fan.The vast majority of fans of the clubs he has managed absolutely love the guy for his heart on Sleeve passion.The owners,however,do need to be very very careful with Mr Warnoc.He doesn’t suffer fools gladly and even having taken a team to the premiership for what may be the last time I know he would not hesitate to walk away if he feels he and the fans are not being treated correctly.He left my Club Huddersfield after taking us up because he had fallen out with the board and I am sure he won’t hesitate to do so again at QPR.All the very best of luck this coming season.

  34. I fully agree with the article and the #boycottQPR campaign. However, this should not have been just for away fans visiting LR this season, the boycottQPR campaign should have happened after Amit Bhatia resigned and Ishan Saksena was fired.

    Despite the ridiculous hike in prices at LR, there were many mumbles & groans but it appears that the majority still renewed their season tickets.

    I love QPR, I’ve had many season tickets in the past. Most recently, I went home & away during our 3 year stint in Division Two, when the club needed it’s fans the most and we were only getting between 8,000 to 11,000 attendances at home. I remember travelling to away games like Swansea City and Vauxhall Motors in the FA Cup only to see us humiliated but I still loved QPR.

    However, I’ve boycotted Loftus Road since we won promotion back to the Championships. I found myself priced out, even then and it’s just got worse and worse. In the last 5 seasons I’ve been to a dozen away games which have been great but the price to go to Football games in this day and age is a complete joke and my own principals over rule my love of QPR.

    Being an ‘armchair’ supporter has influenced my QPR blog however, http://qparmchair.wordpress.com

    Maybe there should be a #boycottFootball campaign on Twitter instead. Mass protest against ticket prices, transfer prices and player wages.

  35. John Ashby says:


    “Finally to the owners that saved our club. I saved a cat once, I don’t walk around kicking it, pissing on it and blowing in it’s ears before reminding it that it wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for me. I leave the cat alone with owners who care about it.”


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  37. Gramps says:

    I could not agree more with many of the foregoing comments. These people are destroying our club. I have been supporting QPR for 72 years since the age of 3. I was a season ticket for much of that time and well remember the happy days when we had a board who really cared for the club and, more importantly, were also supporters of QPR. I remember the days of the £20 maximum wage for players; days when we languished in Division Three (South); days when a programme cost 3d, not £3; days when, as a kid, my pocket money was more than enough to get me into the ground to watch not only the first team but also the reserves. My old dad (and his dad before him going back to the days when the club first came into existence) travelled all over the country to support the Rs
    Now I am priced out. As a pensioner on a fixed income I simply don’t have the money to buy a ticket and travel in from my Essex home. Not much short of a hundred quid to see an hour and a half of football and have the experience of probably watching us get pasted more often than not in the coming season due to fat man and shorty and their obsession with the great god money and absolutely no interest in QPR and their great history. Those who know me from another place will know of my longing for the old days.
    I readily confess that, seeing what is being done to the club, has frequently brought me close to tears. Mr Ecclestone, Mr Briatore, for God’s sake GET OUT! Give us a chance, before it’s too late, to salvage something from the ruins.

    • Andy says:

      You got that right. You need a heart and soul to be a part of the real QPR family. Sadly, these to along with one other, do not appear to have either. Honesty, integrity, openess, words currently lacking from inspiration leadership at the very top of the QPR tree. Fit and proper persons? You’ll find that on watching “Rainbow” not at our club.

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